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KSPL RF/Microwave EMI/EMC solutions

Welcome to Kiran Solutions Pvt Ltd (KSPL)

KSPL introduced to provide High End Kiran (RF, Microwave, Light, X-Rays) Solutions to Cater industrial, Research and Consumer Markets. Focusing Performance based Solutions, KSPL Design, Develop, Produce and Market the Multidisciplinary Systems Solution with Excellent Cost/Performances Ratio.

The Company offers Wide Range of Solutions in RF and Microwave Systems, Microwave Radar Absorbing Materials (RAM), EMI/EMC Shielding Products, PAN Type Shielded Anechoic Chambers, RFI Shielding, Wideband RF/Microwave Absorbers, EMI/EMC Compliance Testing and Consultancy Services, Electronics Design & EMI/EMC Mitigation, Test & Measurement Solutions for Analog and Digital Systems, integrated RF/Microwave Assemblies, Industrial Automation and Software Based Embedded Systems Solutions. The Company have Practices in Simulation & Analysis Services for Shielding and Absorbing Applications.

The Company Employs Personnel Ranging from R&D, Testing, Operations, Quality & Marketing to cater all your Requirements. The Company has High Emphasize of Outsource Design and Testing Services. Our Services include:

KSPL is committed to Provide Service by Analyzing Step by Step Process of Developing State of Art Model, from Basic Concept to Design/Product.

Having worked closely with The Product Design Lifecycles in The industry has helped us Create Distinct Turnkey Solutions to address The RF/Microwave System Needs of this industry.

KSPL- EMI/EMC solutions
KSPL- RF Circuit solutions
KSPL- RF/Microwave wireless solutions

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